The Library of the Polish Botanical Society was founded in 1923 and nowadays it is located at the Warsaw University Botanical Garden. The Library collects books, journals, copies and brochures concerning the plant sciences, completed with literature on cognate subjects. The first issues of journals received from the Acta Societatis Botanicorum Poloniae are treated as the beginnings of the library collection (the first volume of this journal was published in 1923). Originally, exchange with external organizations was rather modest, however, with time the Library became enriched with new and valuable positions. In 1939, the Society’s book collection comprised about 8,000 library items (with copies), in 1968 – 25,000 in total, while in 1985 the collection reached the number of 37,000. In 2010, the Library owned 47,139 monographic and serial publications, copies and brochures, including:

  • 23,342 volumes of serial publications (belonging to 815 titles)
  • 6,774 monographic printed works
  • 18,023 copies and brochures.

Nowadays, the provision of free online access has replaced the exchange of journals among libraries.