Antracoidea vankyi (Ustilaginomycetes) in Poland, with a review of its host spectrum and world distribution

Marcin Piątek


Anthracoidea vankyi Nannf. on Carex muricata L. is confirmed in Poland. The 1919 collection by Käthe Hoffmann from Góry Wałbrzyskie Mts in the Sudets is the only in the country. The fungus is described, and the symptoms of infection plus morphology and ultrastructure of spores arc fully illustrated. The host spectrum and global distribution of Anthracoidea vankyi are reviewed. It is shown that thc fungus parasitizes reprcscntatives of Carex sect. Phaestoglochin, and with some doubts, Carex sect. Vulpinae. It is known from Europe and Asia, but is very likely that it also occurs in North America.


Anthracoidea; Carex; sect. Phaestoglochin; sect. Vulpinae; smut fungi; taxonomy; Poland; Europe; Asia

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