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Acta Mycologica archival issues

Dear Readers. We continue to provide subsequent archival issues of Acta Mycologica journal. The digitization of archival issues is conducted with the support of the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education.  
Posted: 2015-12-10

Cessation of the print edition


Starting from the jubilee 50th volume, the Acta Mycologica will be only available as an online edition.

Therefore, the page numbers are no longer used for citation purposes. Every article will now contain citation schema with the unique article number included, which replaces pagination. In the following example the article number is 1063: Acta Mycol. 2015;50(1):1063. Additionally, the article number is the last part of the updated DOI pattern, e.g., the following DOI is assigned to the article number 1061: 10.5586/am.1061.

Posted: 2015-08-04
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Vol 55, No 1 (2020)

Cover Page

On the cover Penicillium spp. is a ubiquitous, cosmopolitan genus. It plays a key role in terrestrial environments. Identification of the species at the molecular and morphological level is laborious and may be ambiguous. Due to the insufficient ITS variability, especially in the case of species-rich genera of Ascomycota, including Penicillium, identification usually involves sequencing of other loci as well as observations of morphological features on diverse media and under various temperature conditions.

[Author: Katarzyna Patejuk]