Badania nad typami plech wytwarzanymi przez grzyby powodujące brudną plamistość jabłek [Investigations of mycelial types for fungi causing sooty blotch]

Marek Grabowski


The macroscopic observations of apples showing symptoms of sooty blotch have indicated considerable differences in spot shape, colour, diameter and margin. The largest spots were observed on Florina apples, while the smallest on the cultivar Boiken. For 5 apple cultivars under investigation 4 types of thallus produced by fungi causing sooty blotch were found. The ramose pattern was observed most often on diseased fruits. The punctate thallus was reported to be less frequent, while the rimate and fuliginous types were the rarest ones. The distribution of mycelial types on lesions was diversified among apple cultuvars under examination.


sooty blotch; apple fruit; mycelial types; Peltaster fructicola; Phialophora sessilis; Tripospermum myrti

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