Acta Agrobotanica

The international journal Acta Agrobotanica promotes all aspects of the biology of cultivable or wild plants accompanying crops since 1953.

The journal offers Open Access publication of original research papers, short communications, and reviews dedicated to flora and phytocenoses of anthropogenically transformed areas, bee pastures, nectariferous and polleniferous taxa, plant–pollinator relationships, urban and rural habitats for entomofauna, aerobiology, cultivated plants, plant pathogens and parasites.

Vol 74 (2021)

Please note that this is not the complete list of articles assigned to the volume. The volume is due to be finalized on the last day of December 2021. All articles are in their final publisher-created form.

Table of Contents


Satyajit Oraon, Subrata Mondal


Rasmita Adelina, Irfan Suliansyah, Auzar Syarif, Warnita Warnita


Md. Rasel Uddin, Mohammed Nuruzzaman, Preangka Saha Briste, Md. Morshedul Islam, Ashik Karim Bhuiyan, Md. Istiak Hossain Joy, Shakil Ahmed, Amena Khatun

Plant Structure

Alridiwirsah Alridiwirsah, Koko Tampubolon, Fransisca Natalia Sihombing, Andi Agus Suprianto, Zavandri Purba
Thomas Sawidis, Gülriz Baycu, Elżbieta Weryszko-Chmielewska, Aneta Sulborska