Wpływ nawożenia mineralnego i nawadniania na aktyumość peroksydazy, katalazy i fosfatazy kwaśnej w dwóch fazach wzrostu kapusty i porów [The influence of mineral fertilization and irrigation on the activity of peroxidase, catalase and acid phosphatase of cabbage and leek in two stages of growth]

E. Gurgul, E. Kołota


During the growth of plant, the very distinct increase of enzymatic activity of peroxidase and catalase was observed, but in case of acid phosphatase in smaller degree. An irrigation caused the decreasing of activity of all tested enzymes in both stages of cabbage growth. However, in case of leeks leaves sprinkling irrigation stimulated activity of catalase and acid phosphatase in both stages and peroxidase in the second stage of growth. The effectiveness of the mineral nutritive was differentiated, and often correlated with a level of soil moisture, kind of plant and its stage of growth.

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