Murawy napiaskowe Bolimowskiego Parku Krajobrazowego [Psammophilous grasslands of the Bolimów Nature Park]

Krystyna Czyżewska


In the Bolimów Nature Park there have been distinguished the following plant communities of psammophilous grasslands from Sedo-Scleranthetea Br.-Bl. 1955 em. Th. Müller 1961 class, Corynephoretalia canescentis Klika 1934 em. Krausch 1962 order and Corynephorion canescentis Klika 1931 alliance: Spergulo morisonii-Corynephoretum canescentis R. Tx. ex K. Czyżewska 1992 typicum, S.-C. cladinetosum mitis R. Tx. (1928) 1937 em. K. Czyżewska 1992 and S.-C. thymetosum serpylli K. Czyżewska 1992. They have been recognized by means of analysis of 45 phytosociological releves madę by Braun-Blanquet's method.


Spergulo morisonii-Corynephoretum; syntaxonomic differentiation; Bolimów Nature Park; Central Poland

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