Roślinność łąk Bolimowskiego Parku Krajobrazowego [Vegetation of meadows of the Bolimów Nature Park]

Leszek Kucharski, Włodzimierz Pisarek


The study presents the characterization of the Bolimów Nature Park meadow vegetation, which is formed by 22 plant associations and communities of the class Molinio-Arrhenatheretea. The disappearing components of the park are: Molinietum caeruleae, Cirsio-Polygonetum and Arrhenatheretum elatioris. The lagest areas are overgrown by the phytocoenoses of Deschampsietum caespitosae and Alopecuretum pratensis. The active protection of the meadow vegetation is carried on in the "Polana Siwica" Reserve.


meadows; vegetation; plant communities; nature protection; Bolimów Nature Park; Central Poland

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