Kształtowanie się flory porostów na korze osiki w zapustach jałowcowo-osikowych na nieużytkach porolnych podlegających sukcesji wtórnej [Formation of lichen flora on the aspen bark in the juniper-aspen brushwood on the abandoned farmlands during secondary succession]

Ludwik Lipnicki


The thesis presents the results of research that was conducted in the Jelonka Reserve located on the edge of the Białowieska Forest (NE Poland). On the basis of successional changes taking place on the formerly arabie waste land (leading to the forest association), formation of epiphytic flora on the aspen bark is analysed. The relationship between changes of the outside conditions (mainly caused by the growth of the aspen bark) and transformation of the species composition of epiphytic lichens is revealed. The replacement of species living in the open areas by forest species is presented in details.


lichen flora formation; aspen trunks; initial stage; pioneer lichens; dynamics of species; open space lichens; forest lichens; ecological dependencies; syntaxonomical weight; juniper-aspen brushwood; secondary succession; the Jelonka Reserve; the Białowieża Forest; NE Poland

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