Vol 89, No 3 (2020)

Recent Developments in Taxonomy and Phylogeny of Plants

Cover Page

On the cover Anthurium lasabanteaense Croat & O. Ortiz (Araceae), an endemic species from Panama. Location: Veraguas Province: Santa Fe National Park, La Sabaneta. Voucher specimen: tropical savanna with elfin cloud forest fragments, 08°40’95” N, 80°59’25” W, 1,225 m, July 7, 2020, Juvenal Batista 2001 (PMA). Left: Inflorescence with white spathe tinged pink and a pinkish cylindroid flowering spadix. Right: Infructescence, greenish white spathe with darker green venation and fruiting spadix with red-orange berries. Note: Anthurium species often have dramatic changes in the aspect, color or disposition of the different parts of the inflorescence owing to their different functions, i.e. attracting pollinators (usually bees) in flowering stage and attracting dispersers (usually birds) during fruiting stage.

[Author: J. Batista]