Chemical processing of raw florets of dyer's saffron and successful extraction of a resulting product (carthamin): an approach to improve conventional methods

Koshi Saito, Masatoshi Katsukura


Efficacy of KMnO4 on processing red florets of dyer's saffron was examined in the presence of micromolar concentrations of the metal salts. Apparent value for KMnO4 determined by double-reciprocal plots was 126 µM, whose value corresponds to a 1/154-fold of dried florets. Successful extraction of red carthamin was performed by using the processed matters with various solvent systems. HCl/NaOH, acetic acid/ammonia water and pyridine/methanol were found to be effective. For purification of carthamin, the cellulose adsorption technique was very promising. The data are assessed to standarize the new technique.


dyer's saffron; raw floret; chemical processing

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