Acta Societatis Botanicorum Poloniae

The international journal Acta Societatis Botanicorum Poloniae is the oldest scientific journal published by the Polish Botanical Society, functioning continuously (with the exception of WWII) since 1923.

The journal offers Open Access publication of original research papers, short communications, and reviews in all areas of plant science, including evolution, ecology, genetics, plant structure and development, physiology and biochemistry.

Call for papers: “Recent developments in taxonomy and phylogeny of plants”

Proliferous and Innovative


Next year, the community of Polish botanists will celebrate the centennial of their organized activity marked by the foundation of the Polish Botanical Society in 1922, shortly after the country regained freedom after WWI. A year later, in 1923, the first issue of the Society’s journal Acta Societatis Botanicorum Poloniae was released. This scientific publication quickly became a venue for communicating the most outstanding discoveries in the field of plant biology to the world. Among our most prominent authors were Władysław Szafer, Bogumił Pawłowski, Wacław Gajewski, Zygmunt Hejnowicz, Maria Olszewska, Tomasz Wodzicki, to name the few.

On the special occasion of the PBS centennial, we would like to invite the substantial and significant contributions to the journal from all disciplines of plant biology. They may either review the achievements of various Polish botanical schools in the historical context, or present the facts new to science in the form of original research papers. We will be publishing them continuously in the upcoming year 2022, in Volume 91 of ASBP. All the articles will be branded with a unique logo of PBS anniversary to make the volume of the journal very special. Submissions will undergo the standard peer-review process.

Please take this invitation to heart because the next opportunity comes in 2122!

Let us celebrate! We are looking forward to your positive response, which will surely materialize in excellent submissions. The submission deadline – February 28, 2022.

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Beata Zagórska-Marek
Editor-in-Chief of ASBP

Vol 91 (2022)

Please note that this is not the complete list of articles assigned to the volume. The volume is due to be finalized on the last day of December 2022. All articles are in their final publisher-created form.

Table of Contents


Fang Zhao, Abdul Shakoor, Gul Zaib, Baiping Zhang, Xincan Lan, Jiale Tang
Arkadiusz Nowak, Sebastian Świerszcz, Sylwia Nowak, Vítězslav Plášek, Agnieszka Nobis, Ewelina Klichowska, Marcin Nobis
Jiangwen Li, Guodong Han, Saruul Kang, Xiaoxi Zhang, Cai Li

Taxonomy and Phytogeography

Aynur Demir, Fulya Aydin-Kandemir
Grzegorz Vončina, Adam Stebel, Anna Rusińska, Mirosław Szczepański, Stanisław Rosadziński, Michał Smoczyk, Paweł Kalinowski

Short Communications

Monika M. Lipińska, Aninda R. U. Wibowo, Hanna B. Margońska

Special Section: Polish Botany Centennial

Małgorzata Podwyszyńska, Teresa Orlikowska, Anna Trojak-Goluch, Agnieszka Wojtania
Monika Badura, Maria Lityńska-Zając, Mirosław Makohonienko
Arkadiusz Nowak, Sylwia Nowak
Agnieszka Płażek, Franciszek Dubert
Elżbieta Romanowska, Wioleta Wasilewska-Dębowska
Agnieszka Pietrosiuk, Anna Budzianowska, Jaromir Budzianowski, Halina Ekiert, Małgorzata Jeziorek, Anna Kawiak, Małgorzata Kikowska, Mirosława Krauze-Baranowska, Aleksandra Królicka, Łukasz Kuźma, Maria Łuczkiewicz, Janusz Malarz, Adam Matkowski, Anna Stojakowska, Katarzyna Sykłowska-Baranek, Agnieszka Szopa, Wojciech Szypuła, Barbara Thiem, Sylwia Zielińska