Lichens and allied fungi of two Regional Parks in Vilnius area (Lithuania)

Jurga Motiejūnaitė


Two Regional Parks – Verkiai and Pavilniai are situated in Vilnius city area comprising territories both of the city itself and Vilnius district and are under strong anthropogenic influence. During the present study 172 species of lichens, lichenicolous and saprobic fungi were revealed in Verkiai RP and 92 species – in Pavilniai RP. Three lichen species – Absconditella pauxilla, Thelenella pertusariella (in Verkiai RP), Bacidia caligans (in Pavilniai RP) and one saprobic fungus – Chaenothecopsis debilis (in Verkiai RP) are reporded for the first time in Lithuania. Seven lichen species of Lithuanian Red Data Book were recorded, all of them only in Verkiai RP; this indicates less strong anthropogenic impact and better conditions for biodiversity in this Park.


lichens; lichenicolous fungi; protected areas; biodiversity; Lithuania

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