Trochila ilicina (Helotiales, Ascomycota), a fungus newly found in Poland

Elżbieta Zioło, Tadeusz Madej, Janusz Błaszkowski


The morphological properties of Trochila ilicina (Helotiales, Ascomycota), a fungus previously not recorded in Poland, were described and illustrated. Trochila ilicina was associated with living, decaying and fallen leaves of Ilex aquifolium. However, this fungus formed apothecia only on leaves isolated from their plant host. Hence, T. ilicina was considered both a weak parasite and a saprotroph preferring decaying and necrotic leaves, and not only a saprotroph as all earlier published data suggested. This fungus has been found in different places of Szczecin, as well as in the Arboretum Glinna and the Arboretum Przelewice, north-western Poland. Additionally, the known distribution of T. ilicina in the world is presented.


distribution; north-western Poland; Ilex aquifolium; Trochila ilicina

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