Macromycetes of oak forests in the Łagiewnicki Forest (Central Poland) - monitoring studies

Maria Ławrynowicz, Izabela Kałucka, Beata Sumorok


Mycological observations were carried out in the years 1994- 1996 in two permanent plots in a ca. 90-year-old oak forest (Calamagrostio-Quercetum petraeae) in the Las Łagiewnicki Forest, a large forest complex within the borders of the city of Łódź. The study was conducted in the frame of the international project "Mycological monitoring in European oak forests". During the 3 years (15 observations) 124 species of macromycetes were identified: 50 mycorrhizal, 72 saprobic and 2 parasitic species. Among them, 7 species inscribed on the Red List of threatened macromycetes in Poland (Wojewoda and Ławrynowicz 1992) were found.


macromycetes; mycological monitoring; oak decline; Poland

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