New aquatic sites of the fungus Sommerstorffia spinosa

Bazyli Czeczuga, Bożena Mazalska, Mirosława Orłowska


When studying zoosporic fungi in the waters of northeastern Poland tbe authors found new sites of a rare fungus - Sommerstorffia spinosa Arnaudow. Its growth was observed in water samples collected from limnologically different reservoirs, from the spring Jaroszówka, the oligotrophic type (Lake Białe), through mesotrophic (Lake Wigry) to the polytrophic type (pond Fosa with high content of hydrogen sulphide under ice cover). This fungus was also found in the river Biała, which flowing through Białystok gets polluted by municipal wastes. Moreover, the successive stages of S. spinosa development in the aquatic environment are described.


Sommerstorffia spinosa; zoosporic fungi; hydrochemistry

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