Changes in macromycetes of the oak-hornbeam forests in the "Dębina" reseire (Northern Wielkopolska)

Maria Lisiewska, Małgorzata Połczyńska


In the years 1994-1996 macrofungi on two permanent plots situated in the phytocoenoses of Galio-Carpinetum typicum and Galio-Carpinetum corydaletosum in the "Dębina" reserve near Wągrowiec were monitored. 213 fungal taxa were found, mainly Agaricales (165 saprotrophic. 43 mycorrhizal and 5 parasitic fungi). Comparison of the results with the mycocoenological observations made 30 years ago revealed significant quantitative and qualitative changes in the ecological groups of macromycetes.


mycological changes; macromycetes; Galio-Carpinetum typicum; Galio-Carpinetum corydaletosum; Wielkopolska region

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