Effect of heavy metals on enzymes production by Hebeloma crustuliniforme

Hanna Dahm, Edmund Strzelczyk


Studies were carried out in order to dętermine the effect of some heavy metals (Cu, Cd, Pb, Zn) on the production of enzymes (cellulases, peetinases. proteases) by ectomycorrhizal fungus Hebeloma crusliliniforme (Buli.: Fr.) Quél. All the heavy metals inhibited the general enzymatic activity regardless of the source of carbon used. The metals reduced the egzocellulolytic activity more in media with cellulose powder than with CMC (carboxymethylocellulosc). Among pectolytic enzymes heavy metals most strongly inhibited polygalacturonase (PG). The heavy metals did not harmful affect the activity of pectate lyase (PGL). Proteolytic activity of Hebeloma crustuliniforme was leasi affected by zinc (Zn). The degree of inhibition of enzymes by heavy metals can be presented in the following order Pb < Zn < Cd

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