Supplementary notes to the biology of Cordyceps entomorrhiza (Dicks. ex Fr.) Link and the morphology of its conidial stages

Stanisław Bałazy


Cordyceps entomorrhiza develops on the larvae, pupae and adults on the ground beetles Carabus spp. (Coleoptera, Carabidae) and on the bugs (Heteroptera, Nabidae) ot the genera Himacerus Wolff et Nabis Latr. There are two forms of the conidial sporulation of this fungus with an identical sporogenesis type (Phialosporae) but different as to the arrangement of sporogenous cells (Tilachiadtopsis and Hymenostilbe-like) The names Tilachlidiopsis hippotrichoides (Lindau) Keisler and T. nigra Yakushiji et Kumazawa should be treated as synonymous; they refer to the conidial stage of C. entomorrhiza, Hirsutella dla eleutheratorum (Nees ex Fr.) Petch — contrary to the hitherto existing notion — is not connected with the above mentioned fungus. It constitutes a separate species, close to or identical with H. entomophila Pat.

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