Macromycetes in forest communities of the Ińsko Landscape Park (NW Poland)

Małgorzata Stasińska


In the paper the results a 8-year mycocoenological study carried out on 34 permanent plots marked in the Melico-Fagetum Lohm. ap. Seibert 1954, the Luzulo pilosae-Fagetum W. Mat. et A. Mat. 1973, the Fago-Quercetum petraeae Tx. 1955 and the Galio sylvatici-Carpinetum 0berd. 1957 associations are presented and several ecological groups of funi are discussed. The total number of 267 macromycetes species was noted. Some species rarely found in Poland, such as: Hericium erinaceus, Neobulgaria pura and Polyporus tuberaster were noted.


macromycetes; mycocoenology; Ińsko Landscape Park; Pomerania region

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