Changes in the myxomycete biota of the „Łężczok” nature reserve (NW Poland)

Wanda Stojanowska, Eugeniusz Panek


The paper presents changes that occured in the myxomycete flora of the nalure reserve Łężczok during the last 30 years. The ecological analysis of slime moulds is also given. During thc first periode of investigations (1967-1968) only 34 myxomycete species were found. During the second one, i.e. in the years 1996-2001 (except for 2000) - 47 species. In total, the myxomycete flora of the reserve includes 59 taxa. Among them 22, mostly cosmopolitic species were stated during both sampling periods. Twelve species were stated during earlier investigations only, while during recent studies 25 new species were found.


Myxomycetes; slime moulds; ecology; Silesia

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