Hymenochaete carpatica from Częstochowa Upland (S Poland)

Lothar Krieglsteiner, Maria Ławrynowicz


Hymenochaete carpatica has been found in 1994 in Czętochowa Upland, "Parkowre" nature reserve, in Wiercica river valley situated on calcareous area, 290-310 m above see level, on fissured bark of Acer pseudoplatanus. This contribution corresponds to the paper by Chlebicki (2003) who has recently discovered scveral localities of H. carpatica in Sudetes and Carpathians. Both papers present a set of sites of H. carpatica reported hitherto from Poland, and contribute to the knowledge on its distribution in Europe.


Hymenochaete carpatica; ecology; distribution

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