Additions to the biota of lichenized fungi of Poland

Adam Flakus, Martin Kukwa


New records of five lichenized fungi from Poland are provided. Hypotrachyna afrorevoluta, Lecanora quercicola, Rhizocarpon superficiale and Strigula ziziphi are new to Poland. Of these, Strigula ziziphi is reported also as new to Central Europe and Hypotrachyna afrorevoluta as new to the Carpathians. Additionally, Thelenella muscorum var. octospora is recorded from its second locality in Poland as new to the Polish Carpathians. Hypostictic acid chemosyndrome has been noticed for the first time in European (Poland) and South American (Bolivia) populations of Rhizocarpon superficiale.


chemotaxonomy; neglected lichens; Hypotrachyna; Lecanora; Rhizocarpon; Strigula; Thelenella

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