Effect of temperature and type of packages on quality of stored lettuce

Józef Bąkowski, Helena Michalik, Marcin Horbowicz


Lettuce head cv. Sanora non-wrapped, wrapped with perforated PE film, unperforated PE film, and in stretch film was stored at different temperatures: 1, 6, 20 and 28°C. The lettuce can be stored at 1°C up to 10 days, and at 6°C during 8 days period. Longer storage time caused clear loses of lettuce quality. During first two - three days of storage in both temperatures 1 and 6°C loses of ascorbic acid, dry matter, colour and organoleptic value were not observed. Faster decrease of ascorbic acid content was noted in leuuce stored in unperforated PE film and stretch film, in comparison to perforated PE film. The highest lettuce quality were found in case where lettuce were stored in perforated PE bags at 1°C.

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