Badania nad biologią owsa głuchego (Avena fatua L.). Cz. Il. Konkurencyjność różnych odmian owsa głuchego w stosunku do jęczmienia jarego [The study on wild oat (Avena fatua L.) biology. Part Il. Competition between different wild oat varieties and spring barley]

Jacek Kieć


The study on different varieties of wild oat competition in spring barley was carried in 1989 and 1990y. 10 varieties of Avena fatua in 4 densities (0, 16, 32, 64 plants per m2) were sown with spring barley. Each variety had different influence on the yield and elements of its structure. On the tillering the highest had varieties G and C, the lowest D. On a number of grains in a head – the highest – D, the lowest A, B, G, H, I, J and on a mass of 1000 grains the highest – F, I and the lowest – A. Beginning from the density of 16 wild oat plants, the yield of spring barley is lowering significantly. This is due to lower number of grains in the head.

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