Zbiorowiska roślinne ściernisk Lubelszczyzny. Cz. I. Zbiorowiska siedlisk ubogich [Plant communities of stubble-fields in the Lublin Region. P. I. Plant communities of poor sites]

Maria Jędruszczak, Franciszek Pawłowski, Zdzisława Wójcik


Floristic diversity is a specific characteristic of stubble-fields plant communities. They contain both the species which remained after harvesting cereal communities and the species developing root-plant communities. This diversity is favoured by the ecological conditions of stubble-fields (warmth, light, frequent rainfall but first of all lack of competition on the part of cultivated plants). The first part of the paper describes the plant communities of poor sites in the investigated region. It is based on 133 phytosociological records taken in August and September in 1975-1980 and on soil investigations. Three types of communities have been distingushed belonging to the Panico-Setarion association. They are: (1) Digitarietum ischaemi association, (2) Setaria glauca-Scleranthus annuus community and (3) Echinochloo-setarietum association. They all can be divided into smaller phytosociological units.

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