Odmiany jabłoni odporne na parch (Venturia inaequalis (Cke) Aderh. ). I. Pomologiczna ocena odmian [Apple cultivars resistant to scab (Venturia inaequalis (Cke) Aderh.) Part I. Pomological evaluation of apple cultivars]

Zbigniew Borecki, Aleksander Rejman, Ryszard Nowakowski, Beata Słowińska


Sixteen apple cultivars and numbered selections resistant to apple scab were investigated in the years 1982–1986. The investigations concerned the following questions: vigour of growth, flowering, season of ripening, evaluation of fruits and their biochemical analysis. Three groups of apple cultivars were distinguished. The first group included 'Freedom', 'Liberty' and 'Novamac' which showed high productivity, satisfactory winterhardiness and best taste of fruits. Four cultivars: 'Primula', 'Prima', 'Priam' and 'Liberty Sister', were recognized as interesting because. of their ripening season and original taste but their winterhardiness was insufficient. Seven cultivars: 'Florina', 'Sir Prize', 'Priscilla', 'Macfree', 'Nova Easygro', 'Gavin' and 'Jonafree', as well as two numbered selections, NY 55-158-2 and NY 61-345-2, were disqualified because of lower productivity, high susceptibility to apple powdery mildew, poor taste, low acidity of fruits and low winterhardiness.

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