Some features of one-year-old tart Cherry shoots of cv. Sehattenmorelle

Dariusz Świetlik, Kazimierz Słowik, Sebastian Rejman


The purpose of this study was to obtain data on the relationship between the length of 1-year-old shoots and their fruiting, and both their terminal and lateral growtn produced in the current year. The measurements were taken in 1977 and 1979 from the tart cherry trees of cv. Schattenmorelle grafted of Prunus mahaleb L. or Prunus avium L. grown in loose sandy soil. In 1977 there were more shoots of over 30 cm than in 1979. The longer the shoots, the more lateral shoots were there. Only the shortest shoots (1-10 cm) bore more fruit per unit length as compared to the longer shoots.

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