Wpływ humianu sodowego z węgla brunatnego na rozwój roślin [Effect of sodium humate from lignite on plants grown under various culture conditions]

Z. Gumińska, M. Gracz-Nalepa, B. Łukasiewicz, M. Koniarek, M. Osmelak, B. Paluch


The effect of humate on the uptake of Fe-ions has already been proved. In the present paper other advantages of humate are indicated. If plants are grown in optimum conditions humate has no effect. In more concentrated solutions humate acts as a preventive factor and provides for more economical use of the solution (yield increase 40%). When high doses of P and Cu are used, humate weakens their harmful effect on plants; with pH too low or too high, it acts protectively. Humate was tested also in the transplantation of vegetatively propagated young orchid plants from sterile conditions into a natural medium; in that case it also showed a protective effect.

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