Preliminary research on amino acid composition and nutritional value of clover proteins

L. Kłyszejko-Stefanowicz, Z. Polanowska, W. Krajewska, J. Radwański, W. Maciejewska-Potapczyk


The amino acid composition and nutritional value of 5 clover varieties including 3 Polish ones ('Gloria', 'Hruszowska', 'Skrzeszowicka') and 2 of foreign origin ('Rotra' and 'Violetta') were investigated. No significant differences in the total protein content (19.2–20.0% of dry matter) as well as in qualitative amino acid composition were found among the clover varieties under examination. EAA index (Essential amino acid index) calculated according to Oser for 'Gloria' and 'Hruszowska' showed the highest nutritional value was – 40. The lowest value of EAA index was found for 'Violetta' cvar. – 32, intermediate values however for Rotra and Skrzeszowicka was 37 and 36.

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