Opracowanie optymnlnych dawek i form makro- i mikro elementów pożywki hydroponicznej w metodzie wrocławskiej przy równoczesnym działaniu humianoów [Elaboration of optimal doses and forms of macro- and microelements and hiLrnatcs in the nutrient used in hydroponic culture "Wrocław"]

Z. Gumiński, M. Gracz-Nalepka


The effectiveness of macro- and microelements of modified solution of Hampe was investigated. In general, the original doses and forms of ions were optimal. Nevertheless, a pronounced dependence on external factors was found. In aulumn, changes of magnesium doses were of no importance. A double calcium dose was optimal at that time. During summer copper, boron and molybdenum gave better effects if applied in tenfold doses. Applying of humate in non-optimal conditions was distinctly adventageous.

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