Charakterystyka chorób róż (Rosa spp.) określanych jako mozaiki róży (artykuł przeglądowy) [Characteristics of rose mosaic diseases]

Marek S. Szyndel


Presented review of rose diseases, associated with the mosaic symptoms, includes common and yellow rose mosaic, rose ring pattern, rose X disease, rose line pattern, yellow vein mosaic and rose mottle mosaic disease. Based on symptomatology and graft transmissibility of causing agent many of those rose disorders are called “virus-like diseases” since the pathogen has never been identified. However, several viruses were detected and identified in roses expressing mosaic symptoms. Currently the most prevalent rose viruses are Prunus necrotic ringspot virus – PNRSV, Apple mosaic virus – ApMV (syn. Rose mosaic virus) and Arabis mosaic virus – ArMV Symptoms and damages caused by these viruses are described. Tomato ringspot virus, Tobacco ringspot virus and Rose mottle mosaic virus are also mentioned as rose pathogens. Methods of control of rose mosaic diseases are discussed.


rose mosaic; rose ring pattern; rose X disease; rose line pattern; rose yellow vein mosaic; rose mottle mosaic; PNRSV; ApMV; ArMV; TomRSV; TobRSV; control

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