Systemy i modele prognozowania zarazy ogniowej (Erwinia amylovora) [Systems and models of fire blight (Erwinia amylovora) prediction]

Krzysztof Kielak, Piotr Sobiczewski


The paper presents fire blight prediction models and systems, developed in Europe (system Billing – versions: BOS, BRS, BIS95 and originated from this system: Firescreen, FEUERBRA and ANLAFBRA) and in United States (Californian system, model Maryblyt and system Cougarblight). Use of above models and systems in various climatic-geographic conditions and comparison of obtained prognostic data to real fire blight occurrence is reviewed. The newest trends in research on improvement of prognostic analyses parameters with their adjustment to particular conditions and consideration of infection source occurrence are also presented.


fire blight; Erwinia amylovora; prediction; apple; pear

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