Flavonoids in white and yellow perianths and yellow anthers of tulips (Tulipa gesneriana L.)

Marcin Horbowicz, Marian Saniewski


The content of flavonoids in white and yellow perianths and yellow anthers of a few tulip cultivars were determined at the stage of full flowering. To analyses of flavonols a HPLC method was used. In anthers (yellow) of all analyzed cultivars (Oscar, Pax, Profesor Wóycicki, Biała Dama, White Virgin, Calypso, Diana) high content of quercetin (2,35 - 6,01 mg·g-1 F.W.), kaempferol (1,09 - 9,47 mg·g-1 F.W.) and apigenin (1,34 - 8,24 mg·g-1 F.W.) was found. In analyzed white perianth of cvs. Oscar and White Virgin also high content of quercetin (1,3 - 1,80 mg·g-1 F.W.) and kaempferol (1,90 mg·g-1 F.W.) was documented and only traces of apigenin was found. In the yellow perianth of cv. Profesor Wóycicki the level of quercetin and kaempferol was much lower than in perianth of cvs. Oscar and White Virgin, and apigenin was absent. Thus, yellow anthers and white and yellow perianth of tulip cultivars are a rich source of flavonols.


tulip; Tulipa gesneriana; flavonoids; perianth; anthers; quercetin; kaempferol; apigenin

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