III. Wpływ różnych dawek promieni gamma 60Co na żywotność pyłku astra chińskiego (Callistephus chinesis Nees) w pokoleniu M1 i M2 [III. The effect of various doses of gamma 60Co radiation upon pollen vitality of China aster (Callistephus chinensis Nees) in M1 and M2 generation]

Alicja Wosińska


The effect of gamma radiation upon pollen was studied in populations of 4 China aster varieties in M1 (plants from irradiated seeds) and M2 generation. Effect of radiation Was assessed·in partiicular years. Comparison was rnalde between pollen vitality in irradiated plants and in the control. Effect of radiation was visibly harmful only in case of plants from M1 generation. The effects of radiation were different for particular varieties.

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