IV. Wpływ promieni gamma 60Co na przeżywalność roślin astra chińskiego (Callistephus chinensis Nees) w warunkach polowych w pokoleniu M1 [IV. Effect of 60Co gamma rays on survival rate of China aster plants (Callistephus chinensis Nees) in M1 generations – under field conditions]

A. Wosińska


Studies were undertaken on the effect of different doses of gamma radiation on survival rate of plants (germinated from irradiated seeds) for 5 China aster varieties specified at florescence time. During their growth under field conditions (from planting time to blooming) lethal effect of the radiation occurred in plants of all varieties and its level depended on dose and variety. Effect of 3 kR and 6 kR doses differed depending on variety and was not always harmful, but following irradiation with doses exceeding 6 kR a considerable decrease in survival rate was observed. Radioresistance of studied varieties - measured both: by LD50 and LDl00 - differed; depending on variety, LD50 and LDl00 values fluctuated: from 6 to 9 kR and 12 to 15 kR respectively.

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