Nowy patogen mieczyka w Polsce Curvularia trifolii (Kauffm.) Boed. f. sp. gladioli Parmelee et Luttrell [Curvularia trifolii a new for Poland pathogen of gladiolus]

Czesław Zamorski, Ewa Bielska


A new for Poland gladiolus disease is described. Microscopic data as well as pathogenicity tests proved that the fungus Curvularia trifolii f.sp. gladioli is the caused of this disease. Among 17 gladiolus cultivars the most susceptible were: 'Aldebaran', 'Benares' and 'Lovely Melody' while the cultivars 'Oscar' and 'Decisio' showed the lowest susceptibility to the pathogen, In laboratory tests fungicides containing fenarimol PMC, vinclozolin and captafol were highly toxic for the fungus Curvularia trifolii f. sp. gladioli. Other fungicides such as thiuram and captan showed only a slight effectiveness, while chlorothalonil and carbendazim were not at all toxic for the studied fungus.

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