Zmiany florystyczne na wyłączonym z produkcji rolniczej polu po jednokrotnym oprysku Roundupem [The floristic changes on excluded from agricultural production field after single Roundup spraying]

Wojciech Jabłoński, Maria Widera


The purpose of experiment conducting on the field, weedy by Agropyron repens (L.) P. B. was established what is the degree of elimination of Agropyron repens plants from experimental plots by single Roundup spraying. The changes of the species composition on the fields with different clover-grass mixtures or with Phacelia tanacaetifolia Benth. were studied as well. The stand tables have been made in the first year of the conducting experiment, to determination the density of weeds, after different agricultural practices. It has been found the great elimination of Agropyron repens (L.) P. B. plants after Roundup spraying and the great density of Echinochloa crus-galli (L.) P. B. plants. It has been found the great density of Chenopodium album L. at VII treatment and Galinsoga parviflora Cav. at III, V, VII and VIII treatments as well (Table I).

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