Reakcja liści trzech gatunków roślin uprawnych na stres glinowy [Responce of leaves of three plant species to aluminium stress]

Agata Konarska


Water culture experiments were undertaken for 14 days to examine the effect of increasing aluminum level (0, 10, 20 40 mg·dm-3 AlCl3·6 H2O) on growth of sunflower, red pepper and radish leaves. The early stage of Al toxicity was characterized by curling or rolling of young leaves, marginal and veinal chlorosis, dark green leaves as soon as purpling of margins and veins of leaves. Reduction of leaf size and increased stomata density were observed with increasing Al concentration. Additionally, length of stomata cells decreased after Al-treatment.


aluminum toxicity; sunflower; red pepper; radish; leaf; morphology; stomata

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