Koncentracja pyku Xanthium strumarium L. w aeroplanktonie Lublina w latach 2003–2005 [Xanthium strumarium L. pollen concentration in aeroplankton of Lublin in the years 2003–2005]

Elżbieta Weryszko-Chmielewska, W. Zwolan, T. Wolski, T. Baj


Xanthium strumarium (common cocklebur) pollen grains are included in allergenic types. During a three-year study (2003-2005) conducted by using the gravimetric method at two trap sites in Lublin, daily concentrations, maximum concentrations and annual sums of pollen grains, as well as the length of pollen seasons of this species were compared. The pollen season of common cocklebur starts in the first or second decade of July and lasts until the third decade of September. The length of the pollen season is 70-80 days. The highest cocklebur pollen concentrations, amounting to 40-59 z·cm-2, occurred between 8 and 18 August. The maximum cocklebur pollen concentrations differed slightly in particular trap sites over the period of three years of study. A statistically significant correlation between the Xanthium strumarium pollen concentration and average temperature was demonstrated only in one year of study (2004).


Xanthium strumarium; pollen concentrations; aeroplankton; pollen season; Lublin

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