Pyłek bylicy (Artemisia L.), pokrzywy (Urtica L.) i babki (Plantago L.) w powietrzu Wrocławia w latach 2002–2004 [Mugwort (Artemisia L.), nettle (Urtica L.) and plantain (Plantago L.) pollen in the atmosphere of Wrocław in the years 2002–2004]

Małgorzata Malkiewicz


The paper includes the results of pollen season analysis of the selected plants (mugwort, nettle, plantain) regarded as the most allergenic in Wrocław in 2002-2004. The studies were carried out using volumetric method (Burkard trap). The results show strong variation in pollen seasons. The average duration of the pollen season of Artemisia was 82 days. The highest pollen concentration of mugwort was recorded in 2004 (156 grains × m-3). The start of nettle pollen seasons varied in studied period on average by 24 days, on average, but its end was almost the same. The pollen season of Urtica was the earliest in 2004. It started on 5th May and lasted 136 days. The annual pollen total of Plantago was relatively low, on average 0.2-0.4% in annual pollen totals.


aeroallergens; Burkard trap; volumetric method; pollen seasons; concentration pollen; Wrocław

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