Pylenie i cechy pyłku dwóch gatunków kamasji (Camassia Lindl.) (Hyacinthaceae) [Pollen production and characteristics of pollen grains in two species of Camassia Lindl. (Hyacinthaceae)]

Beata Żuraw


In the years 1999-2001 the study was carried out in the area of UMCS Botanical Garden in Lublin. Plants of Camassia cusickii S.Wats. and Camassia leichtlinii (Bak.) S.Wats. bloomed in May. During a day peak, of flowering occurred at 17.00 h. All anthers shed pollen simultaneously, just after tepals were expanded. Ten flowers produce 10.6-12.8 mg of pollen. The pollen viability ranged from 58 to 92%. The length of longitudinal equatorial axis (E) in Camassia Lindl. pollen grains reached 57,7 µm.


pollen production; pollen characters; Camassia Lindl

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