Flowering, nectar production and insects visits in two cultivars of Cucurbita maxima Duch. flowers

Marta Dmitruk


The study was conducted on experimental plots in the conditions of Lublin. In the years 1998-2000 flowering, nectar secretion and insect visitation of male and female flowers of two winter squash (Cucurbita maxima Duch.) cultivars: 'Ambar' and 'Amazonka', were studied. The plants flowered from July to October. The flower life span was within the range of 7-10 hours. Female flowers of cv. Ambar were marked by the most abundant nectar secretion (129 mg). The nectar sugar content can be estimated as average (25%-35%). Winter squash nectar contained 84% of sucrose as well as 8-9% of fructose and 7%-8% of glucose. Flowers of the studied taxa were frequently foraged by the honey bee (66%-98% of total insects) and bumblebees (1%-30%).


Cucurbita maxima Duch.; cultivars Ambar and Amazonka; flowering; nectar; insects

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