The Effect of Water Stress on the Gas Exchange Parameters, Productivity and Seed Health of Buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum Moench)

Agnieszka Pszczółkowska, Gabriel Fordoński, Tomasz Kulik, Jacek Olszewski, Krystyna Płodzień, Maciej Łojko


The present pot experiment studied the effect of different soil moisture contents (60 - 70% CWC (capillary water capacity) - control; 30 - 35% CWC - water stress) on buckwheat productivity, the gas exchange parameters and health of buckwheat nuts. It was found that water deficit affected adversely certain biometric features investigated (plant height, number of nuts per cluster) and caused a decrease in seed weight per plant. It was also shown that water stress reduced the values of the investigated gas exchange parameters (photosynthesis rate, transpiration rate, intercellular-space CO2 concentration, and stomatal conductance) relative to the control treatment. Different soil moisture contents did not have a clear effect on fungal colonization of seeds. The multiplex PCR assays did not enable the detection of the genes responsible for mycotoxin synthesis. Under water deficit conditions, an increase was found in the content of albumin and globulin fractions as well as of glutelin fractions.


buckwheat; gas exchange parameters; health; traditional method; PCR

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