Verification of the systematic position of California brome (Bromus carinatus Hook. and Arn., Poaceae), cv. 'Broma', on the basis of analysis of issr markers

Agnieszka Sutkowska


‘Broma’ is a grass cultivar belonging to the species Bromus carinatus. In the Lists of Agricultural Plant Varieties of the Research Centre for Cultivar Testing (COBORU), it is shown as Bromus willdenowii (= B. catharticus, B. unioloides) (List of Agricultural Plant Varieties 1989-2009), whereas already in 1984 Mirek demonstrated on the basis of morphological analysis that this was a different closely related species – B. carinatus.
The aim of the present study was to verify the species affiliation of cv. ‘Broma’. The conducted analysis of ISSR molecular markers included representatives of cv. ‘Broma” as well as of B. carinatus and B. willdenowii.
The method used allowed the identification of molecular markers of the above-mentioned taxa. The numerical analysis of the obtained results suggests that cv. ‘Broma’ should be classified in the species B. carinatus, not B. willdenowii.


Bromus carinatus; Bromus willdenowii; cv. ‘Broma’; ISSR; molecular markers

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