Szata roślinna obszaru ochrony siedlisk i gatunków Natura 2000 Pakosław − współczesne przemiany i problemy ochrony [Recent changes of plant cover on special area of conservation Natura 2000 Pakoslaw (Central Poland)]

Romuald Olaczek, Maria Kurzac


Special area of conservation of the Natura 2000 Pakoslaw includes peat bog (about 400 ha) and forest fragment on a neighboring hill nature reserve (28.55 ha). There are 4 species of plants: Adenophora liliifolia, Ligularia sibirica, Liparis loeselii, Ostericum palustre and several types of natural habitats, among others: wet meadows, transitional peat-bog, thermophilous oak forest, which requires the protection of the European Union Habitats Directive. In the peat bog flora, numbering 296 species, are present glacial relicts. The aim of study was to investigate the current status of flora and vegetation and the direction and pace of change as the basis for the active protection. This paper describes the geological, hydrological and anthropogenic environmental factors and their impact on the flora and plant communities. Particular attention was paid to accelerate the process of secondary and progressive ecological succession during the last 50 years, resulting in displacement of grasses and sedges communities willow thickets and later by alder swamp forest. Species and natural habitats of the site are threatened and need to improve their conservation status.


Natura 2000; habitat area; peat-bog; termophilous oak forest; recent vegetation change; Ligularia sibirica

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