Porosty z rodzaju Porpidia Körb. występujące w Polsce [The lichen genus Porpidia Körb. in Poland]

Agnieszka Jabłońska


For this revision of Porpidia species from Poland, 1400 specimens from public and private Polish herbaria, as well as other major European herbaria, were examined. The taxonomy, chemistry, habitat requirements and distribution of Porpidia albocaerulescens, P. cinereoatra, P. contraponenda, P. crustulata, P. flavocruenta, P. grisea, P. macrocarpa, P. melinodes, P. nigrocruenta, P. soredizodes, P. speirea, P. superba, P. thomsonii, P. tuberculosa and P. zeoroides in Poland are presented. Porpidia thomsonii is reported as new to Poland and Central Europe. New records of P. contraponenda very rare species in Poland, are given. The occurrence of P. flavicunda, P. hydrophila, P. rugosa and P. trullisata has not been confirmed during this study, therefore their status remain unknown. The lichenicolous fungi, Endococcus propinquus, E. aff. propinquus and Muellerella pygmaea on Porpidia were also noted during this study. As a result of examination of extensive reference material P. macrocarpa is recorded for the first time for Bulgaria and Ecuador, P. speirea − for Bulgaria, and P. soredizodes − for Ecuador and Mexico. A key to taxa in Poland, including those with unconfirmed occurrence there, is provided.


lichenized Ascomycota; lecideoid lichens; Porpidia; lichen taxonomy; chemotaxonomy; ecology; Poland

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