Bryophytes in the Bolimów Landscape Park

Anna Saderska, Ewa Filipiak, Włodzimierz Pisarek


The paper summarizes the results of the autors'own studies on the bryophytes of the Bolimów Landscape Park, Central Poland, from the years 1982-1985 and 1996-1999, together with records from the literature (1972-1998). Distributional data for 15 species of liverwort and 128 species of moss are presented with reference to the ATMOS - square grid system. Among them there are 28 protected species in Poland and 6 species are threatened in Poland. The analysed liverwort and moss flora contained 9 mountain species. An analysis of the range of frequencies shows that about 60.1% of bryophytes are very rare in this area.


mosses; liverworts; atlas of distribution; the Bolimów Landscape Park; Central Poland

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