Vascular plants in the Bolimów Landscape Park

Janina Jakubowska-Gabara, Leszek Kucharski, Aurelia U. Warcholińska


In 1996-2001 the vascular plants of the Bolimów Landscape Park and its protection zone were cartographically studied. A cartogram method using a regular net of squares l km in knot to knot length was applied. Field data, data from published and unpublished studies and data from the Herbarium Universitatis Lodziensis (LOD) materials constituted the bases for developing maps displaying the distribution of 1049 vascular plant taxa recorded in the study area. A high diversity of habitats resulted in the richness and diversity of the flora in the investigated area. The highest floristic diversity and presence of interesting, rare and threatened species was displayed by the phytocoenoses of deciduous forests and humid meadows and bogs. In the investigated flora 51 legally protected species and 126 endangered and yulnerable ones in the scalę of the region and of Poland were determined. The most interesting taxa are: Carex vaginata, Festuca amethystina subsp. ritschlii, Ostericum palustre, Succisella inflexa.


vascular plants; flora; atlas of distribution; the Bolimów Landscape Park; Central Poland

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