Czerwona lista porostów zagrożonych w polskiej części Sudetów [Red List of threatened lichens in Polish pan of the Sudety Mts.]

Maria Kossowska


The first regional list of threatened lichens is presented. The list is a result of investigation studies in the Polish part of the Sudety Mts. The status of threat to the lichen species used has been determined according to the IUCN Red List Categories in Version 3.1 (2001). The data obtained were compared with historical ones. Changes of the species main frequency were used as an additional indicator of their threat status. The Red List includes 504 taxa of lichens, which constitute ca 60% of the local biota and 31.6% of Polish biota. The status of threatened biota has the following categories: Regionally Extinct (RE) -123 taxa, Critically Endangered (CR) - 39, Endangered (EN) - 56, Vulnerable (VU) - 84, Near Threatened (NT) - 17, Least Concern (LC) - 19 and Data Deficient (DD) - 166.


lichens; red list; IUCN Red List Categories in Version 3.1; the Sudety Mts.; S Poland

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